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LONGER LASTING SPONGE BARS (needle retaining bars) I think by now, I can safely say, my bars will not rot, they will wear out first!! This is due to the fact that, the foam on my bars is totally enclosed and does not make contact with UV light or oils, which is what normally rots the bars.  The review is from the guild of machine knitters, this was a few years ago now and there have been a few improvements since then. PLEASE NOTE the longest I recommend these bars are kept in a machine is four years, don't push your luck with them, if a needle does happen to wear through the foam, It could be very hard to remove the bar. What I will do is give you £2 back for your old bar against a new one. 


Shipping can be combined for multiple items just add them all to basket before checkout. 


All Standard Gauge:

Brother Kh 588, Kh 830, Kh 836, Kh 840, Kh 860, Kh 881, Kh 891, Kh 890, Kh 864, Kh 910, Kh 950, Kh 950i/950E, Kh 940/930, Kh 965, Kh 965i, Kh 900, Kh 970. Ribber KR 830, 850 to replace plastic bar.

Knitmaster/Silver reed: Mod/SK322, 323, 324, 326, 327, 328, 360, 210, 280, 600, 700, 740, 500, 560, 580, 840. SRP20,50,60,60N,SRJ70.

Toyota: 500, 727, 747, 787, 901, 950. KR450, KR460, KR501, KR505, KR506.


Brother Kh 260/270: Chunky brother Kh 260, 270.


All other chunky main/ribber:

brother: kh230. Ribber kr 230, 260.

Knitmaster/Silver reed: SK155, 150, 151, 890. Ribber: SR 150, 155.


Kh 710: 

kh 710


-If unsure of sizes please ask.

longer lasting needle retaining bars (sponge bars)

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